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Technical Data Schedules

At the heart of any Preventative Maintenance programme are the Technical Data Schedules (TDS) that outline the tasks, type and frequency of preventative maintenance servicing on our clients’ plant, equipment and building fabric (Assets).

Of course the levels of preventative maintenance servicing drive the costs of the Preventative Maintenance Plans and this is a regular topic of discussion with our clients. Challenges exist in terms of adopting a risk based asset management service while making sure we are meeting legislation, the relevant standards and codes and the manufacturer’s recommendations.

TDS are referenced to the relevant Acts, Regulations and any Australian Standard/s that govern the requirement to undertake preventative maintenance for that asset.

The preventative maintenance servicing specified in the current mandated TDS are largely covered by:

  • Minister’s Specification SA 76 2015 edition, these include mainly power provision and fire, microbial and contamination control;
  • Public Health Act, these tend to be related largely to hospital equipment and were created based on their specific requirements;
  • Food Act, these relate to equipment or plant used for the preparation or storage of food including water equipment.

Additional Acts are:

  • The Environmental Protection Act;
  • The Water Industry Act and Safe Drinking Water Act;
  • The Electricity Act; and
  • The Work Health and Safety Act, and specifically `Section 19 Primary Duty of Care’ which covers a wide range of equipment from test and tag, anchor points on roofs, lifts, cranes etc. There is little margin to reduce these services as the activities are largely prescribed.

The AGFMA section will continue to work with agencies, clients and Facilities Managers (FM) to review and refine the TDS.

Individual site Preventative Maintenance Plans are developed specifically for each site by relevant Facilities Management Contractor and revised annually, therefore, clients are advised to consult with their relevant FM or the DIT FM Contract Management Unit for any specific information relating to maintenance arrangements for their site.

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Technical Data Schedules

Technical Data Schedules - Guidance Note

This guide provides high level information relating to the application and roles & responsibilities for the use of Technical Data Schedules (TDS), which are published by the AGFMA Directorate of the Department of Infrastructure and Transport (DIT).

DIT AGFMA Guide Note Asset Preventative Maintenance Hierarchy

This guide provides a visual representation for stakeholders to understand the Regulatory and Recommended in the planning for Preventative Maintenance.

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