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Agency Advocacy

The Agency Advocacy team within the AGFMA Section have a unique role. With extensive knowledge of the contract requirements and obligations, they manage and address contract risks to ensure the contract outcomes are achieved and provide performance reports to senior managers and the governance committee on set performance measures.

The Agency Advocates are predominately agency focused directly responsible for the contractual, administrative and service delivery requirements for the assigned facilities management service providers to client agencies. They are an important conduit between the strict contract terms and conditions and the everyday practicalities of Facilities Managers (FMs) annually delivering over 200 thousand jobs worth over $220 Million.

Working collaboratively with over 30 agencies the Agency Advocates provide support and advice to agencies on preventative maintenance, breakdown and minor works jobs during regular contract management and focus group meetings. They guide and support agencies through the service delivery plan and budget process and provide advice on contract requirements and responsibilities for the agencies and Facilities Managers. Any variations to the contract requested by the agencies are also assessed and approved by the Contract Management team.

The team also review quarterly Strategic and Compliance reports and the Monthly Operational reports. Information collected from these reviews are used in conjunction with regular meetings to ensure effective delivery of the service requirements.

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Visit our Contact Us page to view our Principal Contract Manager's and Agency Advocates' profiles.

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