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There is an emerging culture of cycling in South Australia. In 2014, about 282,000 or nearly 17% of South Australian's rode a bike for some purpose in a typical week.

For a variety of social, environmental and health reasons, the South Australian government is aiming to double the number of people cycling by increasing the number of people choosing to cycle for everyday trips.

New and improved cycling infrastructure is being built around the State each year to help bring about this change, and behaviour change programs that encourage and assist children and adults to get on a bike are active in the community.

Cycle instead

Cycle Instead works as an interactive Journey Planner for your bike trip. It shows you the Bikedirect network across metropolitan Adelaide so you can quickly choose the most direct and comfortable route for your journey using secondary roads, bike lanes, shared paths, greenways and bicycle boulevards.

Click on the link below to have a look for yourself!

Cycle instead on the Bike direct network - journey planner