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COVID-19 SA Border Information for Essential Travellers

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This page is intended to provide information specific to the transport industry, particularly cross-border Service operators, with regards to South Australian declarations and requirements.

Regular email updates will be provided. It contains links for further information and will be monitored to respond to your questions and feedback.

Airline Traveller Entry Requirements

As of 12:01am Saturday 27 March 2021, travellers arriving in South Australia at Adelaide Airport are required to use the COVID Safe Check-In to scan a QR code immediately after their arrival. Travellers should download the mySA GOV app prior to travel.

Once in South Australia, travellers must use the COVID SAfe Check-In when arriving at a business, venue or event in South Australia.

For more information, read the media release.

Road Border Entry Requirements

Cross Border Travel - Associated Direction Entry into South Australia Table

As of 12.01 19 July 21 - The cross border corridor is defined as the area 40 km either side of the border.  Essential Travellers, returning SA residents, people genuinely relocating and people escaping Domestic Violence, are subject to Level 4 requirements - Victoria Essential Traveller Table

As of 12.01 am 19 July 2021, any person arriving from NSW (excluding the LGA of Broken Hill, is currently prohibited from entering SA except for Essential Travellers and some permitted arrivals . Essential Travellers are subject to Level 4 requirements.

As of 12.01 am 16 July 2021, travellers who have arrived in  SA from Greater Brisbane are prohibited from entry into SA. Essential Travellers are subject to Level 4 requirements.

Greater Brisbane, NSW and ACT Essential Traveller Table

All Commercial Transport and Freight Service operators into South Australia are required to complete a cross border registration form at least 72 hours prior to arrival. Those who completed Essential Traveller cross border registrations are NOT required to update their cross border status and can still travel on their current approvals.

Operators with an Approved Essential Traveller Application that is due to expire on any date in January 2021 have automatically had their approval extended for a period of six months. There is no requirement to make a new application. Operators whose application expired prior to January 2021 are required to reapply using the current process.

View the SAPOL Cross border travel page.

Commercial Transport and Freight Services operators travelling from a “Prohibited or Restricted Zone” are required to undertake a COVID-19 test within 24 hours of entering SA unless they can provide evidence of a COVID-19 test, or a negative COVID-19 test result, that is not more than seven days old. They must also comply with the other requirements of Essential Travellers as applicable, which may include: the need to self-quarantine when not working, wearing a mask when not in the cab, and when in contact with people, to keep records and to have a letter/documentation from their employer.

Arrivals from New Zealand may enter South Australia without the need to complete quarantine or submit to COVID-19 testing. This is provided they have not been in an area outside the Low Community-Transmission Zone in the 14 days before their arrival.

All overseas arrivals into Australia (other than those from New Zealand) are required to complete mandatory quarantine in an place determined by SA Health. In the first instance this is likely to be an approved medi-hotel for 14 full days and nights.

Police Officers at the border will note whether evidence of a test was sighted or a direction to obtain a test was given.

Those Commercial Transport and Freight Service operators approved to enter SA from prohibited zones must not, without the approval of the Chief Executive of the Department for Health and Wellbeing, the South Australian Chief Public Health Officer or a deputy, enter a disability care, correctional or residential aged care facility, or a health care facility while they are in SA.

There are no restrictions on travellers who have completed a cross border registration from low community transmission zones provided that they have not been in any place other than the low community transmission zone within the last 14 days. There is no requirement to self-quarantine while waiting for test results, unless displaying symptoms of COVID-19, with the exception of travellers from Western Australia (other than those from the prohibited zone) who are required to self-quarantine until they receive a negative result from the day 1 test.

Commercial Transport and Freight Services (Essential Travellers) must keep and retain records of close contacts from the date of arrival in South Australia for 14 days not counting the day of arrival, or if they remain in South Australia for a period less than 14 days, for that period.

The records required to be kept are the name and phone number or other details of the close contact and the location at which the contact occurred, or if it is not reasonably practical to obtain the details – the time and location at which the contact occurred. The records need to be retained for a period of 28 days from the end of the period for which the records must be kept.

Note: Commercial Transport and Freight categories are excused from the COVID-19 testing regime if they can produce evidence of a COVID-19 or a negative COVID-19 result in the last 7 days.

Important- If a person has entered South Australia under a previous COVID-19 Cross Border Direction they are required to follow those Directions provided to them upon entry unless otherwise instructed by an authorised officer.

Please  refer to the SA.GOV.AU  site for current Travel Restrictions


All Commercial Transport and Freight Service operators entering SA from High Community Transmission Zones must produce evidence of having a COVID-19 test, or a COVID-19 test result, that is not more than seven days old, upon request from an Authorised Officer (eg SA Police Officer), or obtain a test within 24 hours of entering SA.

Other Essential Travellers and Exempt Arrivals entering SA from High Community Transmission Zones are required to have a COVID-19 test on day 1, day 5 and day 13 of their arrival into SA. Cross Border Community Members of the 100km Cross Border Corridor can opt to provide evidence of a test or display a test result within the last 7 days in lieu of the day 1, day 5 and day 13 testing regime.

Commercial Transport and Freight Service operators are not required to have a COVID-19 test before entering SA if arriving from low community transmission zones.

View contact-tracing alerts.


There is no requirement to self-quarantine while waiting for test results, unless displaying symptoms of COVID-19.

Maritime Crew - Requirements Updated

Maritime crew arriving into South Australia from overseas are deemed not to arrive if they do not disembark the vessel. A crew member who has been on a vessel within the preceding 14 days, with no one else embarking, is cleared to disembark providing they submit to a COVID-19 test within 48 hours with a negative result and is cleared to disembark by a Human Biosecurity Officer for SA. If the conditions noted cannot be met either through arrival on a vessel, or an aircraft, the crew member must reside and remain, quarantined and segregated from others, at a location determined by an Authorised Officer for a 14-day period starting at the time of their arrival. No person may embark a vessel that has arrived in SA before it is cleared by a Human Biosecurity Officer without wearing PPE as approved by the Department of Health and Wellbeing.

Fact Sheets have been provided to detail;

Medicare Rebate for Freight Operators

The Australian Government announced a $2 billion extension in funding for Medicare-subsidised telehealth and pathology services for a further six months, to 31 March 2021. This includes an extension to the Medicare rebate for asymptomatic testing of freight operators at private COVID‑19 testing clinics. The Medicare item has been expanded to include testing of rail crew.

The 18 September 2020, update of the Medicare Benefits Scheme is available at:

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