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A Friday Note - 4 November 2016

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Dear all

Grey skies earlier this week have given way to a pleasant sunny spell but the cloud is set to creep back in again.

Field Services and Technical Services have been working together to clean up and manage the continuing rockslides on Gorge Road following one of our wettest winters in many years.

Collaboration between Field Services’ construction gang, the Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources and the Adelaide Hills Council has also led to the reopening of the storm-damaged Montacute Road, a huge feat in just five weeks to repair the damage.

As recovery operations from the severe weather continue, more review sessions have been held this week to analyse our response and see where we can improve.

National Safe Work Month may have come to an end but we need to keep the conversation going. The next DPTI Library Lunch ‘n Learn Seminar will explore how we can reduce hazards, injuries and incidents at work.


A new Outlook Approval Form is now available for use, providing a faster alternative to temp folders along with a full audit trail. It is important that we use this solution as it forms part of our departmental goal of a “paperless office”.


With so much happening in the planning space, it is timely to highlight the valuable work being done by the Government Architect. Kirsteen Mackay brings a wealth of international experience to a diverse role, which includes managing our Office for Design and Architecture SA. She’s enjoying working with the public and policy makers to help raise the bar in planning and design.


The Public Works Committee has praised our staff for organising an informative visit to the APY Lands. Members were pleased by our department’s progress on key road projects and, in particular, the work being done to incorporate local training, employment and materials. They were also impressed with the new work camp accommodation and facilities.

Thank you to the Bridge Maintenance team and everyone else involved in refurbishing the Birkenhead Bridge. A plaque was unveiled last Friday to honour Geoffrey Wayne Martin, who died in a crash involving a fuel tankeron the bridge in 1978.

The $1.1m works included removing lead paint then re-painting the handrails, and upgrading lighting to slash energy costs. The team had to navigate complex electrical and structural matters along with heritage considerations. Terrific work.

Andrew Dudzinski and Christina Canatselis are to be commended for assisting a couple who suffered a flat tyre driving from the freeway to Mt Barker. Andrew and Christina pulled up in their work vehicle and activated the flashing lights to warn other drivers. They remained until a police patrol arrived. The couple was deeply appreciative. It is yet another example of how we serve the public with safety always front on mind.

Have a good weekend

Michael Deegan