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A Friday Note - 23 September 2016

CONNECT - Message from the Chief Executive

Dear all

Thankfully it has been much calmer on the weather front following last week's destructive flooding and strong winds. 

As residents and business owners continue to mop up, our crews face an enormous task to repair battered roads.

damaged road clean up workers  landslip cleanup 

The hardest hit DPTI roads were Waterfall Gully, North East and Gorge Roads. And it's not just the major damage we've seen with landslips and rock falls, but also the countless potholes that need to be fixed as well.

The entire effort will take months. We thank everyone involved and ask that you continue to stay safe.


On that note, our thoughts are with the loved ones of a council worker who was tending to vegetation when he was fatally struck by a car at Greenwith this week. It is a tragic reminder of the dangers that can confront us on the job.

I'd like to encourage all staff to keep talking about safety. We must be ever vigilant. Simply starting a conversation can result in awareness and changes that could save lives.

I would also like to reiterate our collective stance against bullying within our organisation. It is not acceptable in any way, shape or form, and is contrary to our values.

Excessive leave balances continue to be an issue across our business areas. If you fall into this category, please plan some time off and book it in now. It isn’t just a critical measure for the department, it also comes down to the need for all of us to enjoy a work/life balance.


Having your property compulsorily acquired can be a very emotional experience; confronting in its forced change, daunting in its legislative process and destabilising in its effects on people’s lives. 

Progress and growth dictate the need for future infrastructure for our communities and acquisition is an integral part of delivering such infrastructure, but it is the human side of these projects that our Acquisition Teams deal with every single day of their working lives.

We are fortunate to have a diligent and highly professional team, who are faced with diverse challenges in often confronting environments. It is a testament to their dedication and professionalism that they are able to deliver these community infrastructure expectations whilst making the process as seamless and considerate as possible for those affected. This doesn’t mean everyone will be happy, but this dedicated team displays true compassion and an appreciation for the sensitivities of the situation in all of their dealings.

It is an opportune time to recognise the important work being done with a significant milestone having been reached this week. The Acquisition Teams and Torrens to Torrens Project Team are to be commended for completing the full acquisition of all properties on the T2T extension this week. Our teams have demonstrated true collaboration during the process and have hopefully assisted those affected in dealing with the acquisition of their properties.

In addition, Darlington has also reached completion of the full acquisition of all properties and Northern Connector is well on track to meet its timelines.


Digital transformation is a key priority, not just for our department, but the whole of government. E-conveyancing is one area that is leading the way in this space, and it is receiving the attention and recognition it deserves.


The Terms of Reference for the DPTI Consultative Forum have been revised. Nominations are now being sought for employee representatives from each directorate within DPTI, as well as expressions of interest for diversity representatives.


Adelaide Metro staff are explaining the ins and outs of our public transport system to an audience of more than 3 000 people during today’s Disability, Ageing and Lifestyle Expo at Adelaide Showground. Real-Time, Metrocard and accessibility are high on the agenda. It is another example of how we connect with our customers.


It is pleasing to share a heartwarming tale involving one of our own. Manjit Singh from our Traffic Signal Maintenance team went out of his way to care for a stray dog. The result of his compassion and that of others is nothing short of remarkable.

Have a good weekend

Michael Deegan