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A Friday Note - 1 April 2016

CONNECT - Message from the Chief Executive

Dear all,

Safety reviews and walks on all our jobs are progressing well. Please continue to be vigilant and send me your feedback.

A reminder also to please take five minutes to complete an anonymous follow up survey, to assist with understanding the level of awareness of our department’s zero tolerance of domestic or family violence either in or outside of the workplace, as well as supporting our accreditation as a White Ribbon Workplace. Click here to access the survey


Street Naming

The completion of the Aboriginal communities street naming project has been celebrated with the official handing over of community maps.

Our department and other organisations worked closely with government agencies to meet with Aboriginal people and choose significant names in local languages, with a focus on flora and fauna.

More than 143 streets were named after a 12 month joint collaboration between us and local communities.

The project means people can now access essential services such as phone and online banking.

The project is similar to initiatives in other states but we have achieved considerable success with 100% of addressing completed in approx 12 months compared to other states which have been ongoing for 7-10 years with varying success.


Reactivating Spaces

On 1 May this year changes to the Building Code will be adopted that will make it easier for buildings to be used as venues for live music. This is an important first initiative aimed at reactivating existing buildings and spaces and was developed by our building policy area in conjunction with the Metropolitan Fire Service, Adelaide City Council, the live music sector and building surveyors.




Career Opportunities

The number of uni students seeking information about vocational and educational opportunities at our department is on the rise thanks to the efforts of our staff. Jasmin Strobel, Cheree Pertini and Jeremy Johncock attended career events recently at Adelaide University, Flinders University and the University of South Australia to help showcase the great work of our department.


Sports Vouchers

A great example of a winning partnership, our information services team worked closely with the Office for Recreation and Sport to deliver the Sports Vouchers dashboard. This is an outstanding resource for the community and sports providers to track the progress of the program and well done to Richard Ferme, Arron Hure, Rob Middleton, Luke Talbot, Paul Perry and Jan Baxter from our information services area and Peter Cornish and Jamie Wilkinson from ORS for their hard work.

Have a good weekend

Michael Deegan