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A Friday Note - 6 March 2015

CONNECT - Message from the Chief Executive


Reporting? Or acting so we don’t need to report? Which approach would you prefer?


A very positive meeting of our leadership group yesterday.  What do we do versus what do we want to do? There is the classic case of ministerials and how a phone call makes such a big difference.

Information on the Manager roles is available here.


There is new updated policy for construction delivery. Please review the updated policy under infrastructure publications and the updated PC028 on the DPC circulars webpage.


There are some wonderful initiatives happening through the work DPTI is doing in the APY Lands. Our team for the APY Lands Main Access Road Upgrade project, in partnership with the APY Executive Board, is developing training in the Lands for local Anangu people. These training programmes are a first step to improving employment opportunities on the Main Access Road Upgrade project and others being delivered in the Lands. The first programme - Workzone Traffic Management - was recently completed with 45 local participants receiving their qualifications. Additional opportunities to expand the skill network on the Lands are being discussed with the APY Executive Board. Key to the success of this project will be employment of local Anangu people.


Commendations to our staff from the Traffic Management Centre with their work around Clipsal and keeping traffic moving around closures – planned and otherwise.  Feedback from one of our bus operators, SouthLink, was that our staff were not only efficient in assisting with sequencing adjustments, but were very easy to deal with.  This is the kind of partnership we need to continue as we move forward with operation moving traffic.  We did have some really tough days and a lessons learnt process is underway.


We have received some fantastic feedback on the Greenhill Road Median Safety Improvements project and the work undertaken by Bill Zissopoulos, Colin Maher, Paul Hurley, Bernie Sahb, Frank Forte and Anh Duong and their teams. Businesses have written in to commend the timeliness, the consultation and most importantly the results for them and their customers.

It’s great to hear positive feedback from our staff and stakeholders. Local resident Mr Matheson has taken the time to write and express his appreciation “for the opportunity to be involved in the consultative process, and especially my thanks for efficient manner in which the changes were made. The alterations to the section between Unley Road and George Street are a terrific improvement to safety, access and amenity for both local residents, local businesses and transiting pedestrians, bicycles and vehicles. Congratulations all round!”

Similar sentiments have been expressed by other users: “I was astounded by how quickly the work was done over just a few days with minimal disruption to bike and car traffic, and how the road-workers helped bike-riders traverse the works and Greenhill Road safely over a couple of mornings.  Without cars speeding and turning from multiple directions and a biking black spot fixed, I feel my trip to work is much safer.  And I can tell you the prams and dog walkers are safer too. The addition of a Keep Clear painted on the road has amazingly changed both the behaviour and attitude of motorists to bike-riders crossing, with some now signalling for multiple riders to cross while they wait and drivers smiling instead of scowling, perhaps due to the ‘personal space’ between bikes and cars changing, so thank you to whoever should be thanked.”

Have a good weekend.

Michael Deegan

March 6, 2015