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Chief Executive Notes Archive

A Friday Note - 6 October 2017 (06 Oct 2017)

The first real taste of summer for those in the city, with temperatures nearing 30 degrees on Wednesday.

A Friday Note - 29 September 2017 (29 Sep 2017)

It only got to 39 degrees or so down the Strzelecki track Wednesday and then cooled down.

A Friday Note - 22 September 2017 (22 Sep 2017)

A Friday Note - 15 September 2017 (15 Sep 2017)

Some warm weather to start the week, before another burst of winter.

A Friday Note - 8 September 2017 (08 Sep 2017)

More really chilly conditions in the metro area this week.

A Friday Note - 01 September 2017 (01 Sep 2017)

A chilly start to the week with the metropolitan area feeling the coldest day of the year so far.

A Friday Note - 25 August 2017 (25 Aug 2017)

Cool and mainly clear days this week.

A Friday Note - 18 August 2017 (18 Aug 2017)

Let’s remember to buckle up on the roads. When it comes to safety, there's no compromise.

A Friday Note - 11 August 2017 (11 Aug 2017)

Some warmer weather expected this weekend – enjoy the sunshine.

A Friday Note - 04 August 2017 (04 Aug 2017)

Be especially careful on the roads this weekend, with more wet weather forecast around the State. For those going to football fields or netball courts, rug up.

A Friday Note - 28 July 2017 (28 Jul 2017)

Some really cold nights in Port Augusta this week, with the temperature dropping to around zero degrees

A Friday Note - 21 July 2017 (21 Jul 2017)

More cold weather, but the rain hasn’t reached many areas of our state our farmers desperately need it.

A Friday Note - 14 July 2017 (14 Jul 2017)

Winter is definitely upon us, with more chilly nights and mornings

A Friday Note - 07 July 2017 (07 Jul 2017)

Great weather. Let’s hope the farmers get some of the rain.

A Friday Note - 30 June 2017 (30 Jun 2017)

A bit cool this morning in Wudinna, where the Commissioner of Highways has signed an historic Memorandum of Understanding with the 11 councils on the Eyre Peninsula

A Friday Note - 23 June 2017 (23 Jun 2017)

More crisp, clear days with some rain on the way to break up the dry start to winter.

A Friday Note - 16 June 2017 (16 Jun 2017)

More cool, dry days to start winter.

A Friday Note - 9 June 2017 (09 Jun 2017)

More frosty mornings and crisp, clear days. Take it easy on the roads and think of those at Torrens Junction this weekend.

A Friday Note - 2nd June 2017 (02 Jun 2017)

Very chilly mornings but sunny days to start the winter months

A Friday Note - 26 May 2017 (26 May 2017)

A thunderstorm to start the week, followed by a few showers.

A Friday Note - 19 May 2017 (19 May 2017)

Milder nights and a few showers around this week.

A Friday Note - 12 May 2017 (12 May 2017)

Crisp, cold mornings and sunny days this week

A Friday Note - 5 May 2017 (05 May 2017)

Cool temperatures and clear skies this week.

A Friday Note - 28 April 2017 (28 Apr 2017)

I hope those who took the opportunity for a longer break over Easter are relaxed and fresh as we move into Budget time.

A Friday Note - 21 April 2017 (21 Apr 2017)

Blue skies and warm weather over Easter, but a wet and wintry burst to end the week.

A Thursday Note - 13 April 2017 (13 Apr 2017)

An early burst of winter this week, with the coldest day of the year so far, but Easter promises to be fine and sunny.

A Friday Note - 7 April 2017 (07 Apr 2017)

Pleasant weather this week - blue skies and higher temperatures.

A Friday Note - 31 March 2017 (31 Mar 2017)

Autumn has finally graced us with a cool change sweeping across the state and a scattering of showers throughout the week.

A Friday Note - 24 March 2017 (24 Mar 2017)

After a long spell of sunshine, heavy showers took Adelaide by surprise earlier this week, with many parts of the state receiving a bucketing.

A Friday Note - 17 March 2017 (17 Mar 2017)

The sun continues to shine as Adelaide remains in the spotlight during festival season.

A Friday Note - 10 March 2017 (10 Mar 2017)

A mix of showers and sunshine to take us through the long weekend. Please drive carefully on the roads and take regular breaks.

A Friday Note - 3 March 2017 (03 Mar 2017)

Clipsal V8s aren’t the only thing roaring, so are the temperatures across our state.

While summer has officially ended, the fire danger season hasn’t. South Australians need to remain alert.

A Friday Note - 24 February 2017 (24 Feb 2017)

After some cooler weather this past week, things are set to heat up for the last week of summer.

A Friday Note - 17 February 2017 (17 Feb 2017)

Some welcome relief from the heat this week.

A Friday Note - 10 February 2017 (10 Feb 2017)

The weather – extreme.

Thank you to our staff and SAPOL who have been monitoring and managing heat-related impacts.

Among them, our Adelaide Metro crews providing bottled water for passengers at Adelaide Railway Station, with some welcome help from our friends at SAPOL.

A Friday Note - 3 February 2017 (03 Feb 2017)

After some splendid weather this week, it looks like we’re in for another summer drenching. As always please take extra care, particularly on our roads.

A Friday Note - 27 of January 2017 (27 Jan 2017)

After perfect barbecue weather for Australia Day, it’s pleasing to see the sunshine continuing into the weekend.

A Friday Note - 20 of January 2017 (20 Jan 2017)

Wild weather has wrought havoc yet again

A Friday Note - 13 of January 2017 (13 Jan 2017)

From sweltering heat to widespread rain, we continue to face all conditions. As the week ends on a damp note, please take extra care on our roads.

A Friday Note - 06 of January 2017 (06 Jan 2017)

While the weather is hot, think about all our staff out there building and maintaining roads, rail and construction jobs.

A Friday Note - 16 December 2016 (16 Dec 2016)

Perfect weather today after a particularly warm and muggy start to the week.

A Friday Note - 9 December 2016 (09 Dec 2016)

While we are yet to see scorching temps this summer and cloud is still shadowing our skies, the UV index is reaching extreme.

A Friday Note - 2 December 2016 (02 Dec 2016)

Summer, at last. The Fire Danger Season has also officially begun

A Friday Note - 25 November 2016 (25 Nov 2016)

The weather turned on the charm for cricket fans watching the opening day of the Test at our spectacular Adelaide Oval.

A Friday Note - 18 November 2016 (18 Nov 2016)

Many eyes have been on the skies over the past week, from last Friday’s destructive hailstorm to Monday’s clouded super moon.

A Friday Note - 11 November 2016 (11 Nov 2016)

We’re still waiting for some consistency with our weather, with maximum temperatures ranging from the high teens to the thirties this week and some rain due over the weekend.

A Friday Note - 4 November 2016 (04 Nov 2016)

Grey skies earlier this week have given way to a pleasant sunny spell but the cloud is set to creep back in again.

A Friday Note - 28 October 2016 (28 Oct 2016)

It has been much brighter on the weather front this week, a welcome change.

A Friday Note - 21 October 2016 (21 Oct 2016)

Our weather’s identity crisis continues, hopefully brighter days are just around the corner.

A Friday Note - 14 October 2016 (14 Oct 2016)

We continue to recognise National Safe Work Month - see how you can get involved.

A Friday Note - 7 October 2016 (07 Oct 2016)

While we hope for blue skies ahead, the catastrophic events of the past week are far from forgotten as the mammoth recovery efforts are underway.

A Friday Note - 30 September 2016 (30 Sep 2016)

So much for thinking the weather had calmed down last night. It's been a shocker.

A Friday Note - 23 September 2016 (23 Sep 2016)

Thankfully it has been much calmer on the weather front following last week's destructive flooding and strong winds.

A Friday Note - 16 September 2016 (16 Sep 2016)

Our people have been out in force this week as another severe weather event ravaged the state.

A Friday Note - 9 September 2016 (09 Sep 2016)

Many parts of the state are mopping up from last night’s storms and more heavy rain this morning.

A Friday Note - 2 September 2016 (02 Sep 2016)

Spring has finally sprung and that also means the Royal Show is here, with gates opening this morning.

A Friday Note - 26 August 2016 (26 Aug 2016)

Spring is just around the corner and we’ve already enjoyed an early taste with some pleasant patches of weather.

A Friday Note - 19 August 2016 (19 Aug 2016)

The ‘green shoots’ of spring and summer are starting to appear. After four seasons in one week, it’s wonderful to see.

A Friday Note - 12 August 2016 (12 Aug 2016)

Safety is a constant challenge and one we must always strive to address, whether it’s in our workplace or in our home.

A Friday Note - 5 August 2016 (05 Aug 2016)

Our winter of extremes is far from over and it’s already one for the ages.

A Friday Note - 29 July 2016 (29 Jul 2016)

Our recent weather is certainly a reminder to take care. Our crews have carried out a delicate operations in difficult conditions to rectify the storm damage.

A Friday Note - 22 July 2016 (22 Jul 2016)

From light snow in the Adelaide Hills, to temperatures above 20 degrees, it’s been a period of extremes and we’ve only just rounded the halfway mark of winter!

A Friday Note - 15 July 2016 (15 Jul 2016)

As the state recovers from this week’s extreme weather, I would like to thank the staff who see us through these challenging situations.

A Friday Note - 8 July 2016 (08 Jul 2016)

This week many staff paused to remember the wonderful life of veteran train driver Rob Dale, who was a pillar of our rail family.

A Friday Note - 1 July 2016 (01 Jul 2016)

 After a marathon campaign period, Australians will head to the polls tomorrow to cast their votes in the Federal Election. It truly is a privilege to live in a thriving democracy.

A Friday Note - 24 June 2016 (24 Jun 2016)

Another week, another deluge across many parts of the state. The weather has produced extra challenges, please take care.

A Friday Note - 17 June 2016 (17 Jun 2016)

It’s been a challenging week for our rail network. When we cannot get passengers to their destination safely and on-time, we know our people share the frustration of the public.

A Friday Note - 10 June 2016 (10 Jun 2016)

Dear all

Today marks International Level Crossing Awareness Day, a valuable opportunity to focus on key concerns and challenges surrounding level crossing safety. According to the TrackSAFE Foundation, there are about 130 collisions between trains and pedestrians or vehicles at level crossings around Australia each year. As we know, every collision or near miss can cause lasting trauma for our rail employees so we must work harder to tackle the problem.

A Friday Note - 3 June 2016 (03 Jun 2016)

Dear all

I have been really impressed by the positive staff response to our continued efforts to collectively address safety.  While many think regular safety walks are for field and site staff, it is just as important that we are also actively pursuing safety issues for office staff.  In Whyalla, for example, the redbacks in the storage shed are being resolved.  Trip hazards, electrical leads, fire extinguishers etc. all need to be monitored regularly.

A Friday Note - 27 May 2016 (27 May 2016)

Dear all

The recent wet weather is a timely reminder for those of us who work out in the elements to stay safe on the job. Rain can make everyday tasks a challenge, from construction works to driving on our roads, so please look after yourselves and those around you.

A Friday Note - 20 May 2016 (20 May 2016)

Safety walks are now an integral part of our department.  If your area has not had a safety walk this month please advise me.

A Friday Note - 13 May 2016 (13 May 2016)

Our people and our contractors were kept on their toes with the extreme weather this week -  I thank all involved for their efforts.

A Friday Note - 6 May 2016 (06 May 2016)

It’s been a week to take stock after last Thursday’s Lonsdale sub-station outage. Many people worked extremely hard behind the scenes to get electric trains running again.

A Friday Note - 29 April 2016 (29 Apr 2016)

Yesterday marked World Day for Safety and Health at Work and Workers’ Memorial - a time to think about the right to a safe workplace.

A Friday Note - 22 April 2016 (22 Apr 2016)

Looks like a beautiful long weekend coming up.  If you’re considering attending an Anzac Day ceremony in Adelaide, the new Anzac Walk in the city, built and managed by this department with BMD as our contractor, is worth a look.

A Friday Note - 15 April 2016 (15 Apr 2016)

Safety reviews and walks on all our jobs are progressing well. Please continue to be vigilant and send me your feedback.

A Friday Note - 8 April 2016 (08 Apr 2016)

We’re continuing to make terrific progress with our department’s White Ribbon accreditation. There’s still time to complete an anonymous follow up survey, to assist with understanding the level of awareness of our department’s zero tolerance of domestic or family violence either in or outside of the workplace, as well as supporting our accreditation as a White Ribbon Workplace.

A Friday Note - 1 April 2016 (01 Apr 2016)

Safety reviews and walks on all our jobs are progressing well. Please continue to be vigilant and send me your feedback.

A Friday Note - 11 March 2016 (11 Mar 2016)

Adelaide has been enjoying some beautiful hot and humid weather.  Add some rain – beautiful.

A Friday Note - 4 March 2016 (04 Mar 2016)

With a long weekend and Easter around the corner I hope you are planning a break. Always worth getting out to try something different to add some spark.

A Friday Note – 26 February 2016 (26 Feb 2016)

With the tragedy of last weekend's fatality at the new hospital we have further strengthened our approach to safety.  At the same time I express my concern for the families impacted by the fatality. This is truly awful. Jon Whelan has initiated compulsory safety walks on every one of our projects.  We have also engaged an independent safety auditor to help us and our contractors in a proactive approach to safety outcomes.

A Friday Note - 19 February 2016 (19 Feb 2016)

Last Friday night after work I wandered around the city.  A fantastic upbeat mood with the Fringe Festival and the Chinese New Year celebrations, coupled with some sensational weather saw Rundle Mall and Rundle Street crammed with people having a great time.

A Friday Note - 12 February 2016 (12 Feb 2016)

Last week I met with the Premier to review my Performance Agreement which you received for feedback in November last year.

A Friday Note - 5 February 2016 (05 Feb 2016)

A busy and exciting week.  This is an important economic reform for the State.   Our teams are flat out getting ready for the next Parliamentary debates.

The government is keen to further build your skills and values to better serve the community.

A Friday Note - 29 January 2016 (29 Jan 2016)

Our department supports and promotes the availability of flexible working arrangements for all employees, including executives, subject to organisational requirements. 

Maintaining a good work / life balance is important and if you want to find out more please speak to your manager.

A Friday Note - 22 January 2016 (22 Jan 2016)

It’s going to stay warm as we head toward Australia Day, and various areas of our department are busily preparing for a great movement of people. 

We will be repeating our detour of Port Wakefield to ease the public holiday road congestion as well as putting on extra buses, trains and trams to cater for big crowds in the city to watch the cycling and cricket and enjoy the fireworks.

A Friday Note - 15 January (15 Jan 2016)

Very hot to a lot milder. I think of all our staff and contractors working in the field on these really hot days.

I received some great ideas and suggestions on how we can reduce the road toll. The three key issues remain speeding, fatigue and drugs and alcohol.

A Friday Note - 8 January 2016 (08 Jan 2016)

A warm welcome back and I hope you all had a safe and enjoyable break. 

As we commence our efforts for the community for the New Year we have some exciting developments coming to fruition.

A Friday Note - 18 December 2015 (18 Dec 2015)

This will be my last Note for 2015 and I want to thank you all for your hard work over what has been an exciting and at times challenging year. I’ve been amazed at your ingenuity, impressed by your commitment and humbled at the way you’ve risen to each challenge.

A Friday Note - 11 December 2015 (14 Dec 2015)

Christmas break planned yet? It is not too late, and with Christmas nearly upon us I want to remind all staff to please ensure you take a proper break over the festive period. Plan ahead and speak to your manager and colleagues to see what can be done ahead of time.

A Friday Note - 4 December 2015 (04 Dec 2015)

As well as the much sharper focus on all that we now do within DPTI, one of the very positive aspects of our reform process is about collaboration and how so many are genuinely trying to work together across the disciplines and across the state to the benefit of the citizens. The enthusiasm of some people is contagious.

A Friday Note - 27 November 2015 (27 Nov 2015)

As I write this many South Australians are sifting through the devastation of the Pinery bushfire. Our Department will do all in our power to keep people safe through our coordinated work with emergency services to assess the damage to roads and infrastructure and return them to safe use.

A Friday Note - 20 November 2015 (20 Nov 2015)

Genesee + Wyoming Australia (head office Adelaide) announced last night that they had successfully achieved a zero injury rate across their business for the past year.  I have asked their CEO Greg Pauline to come and share the secrets of their success with us.

A Friday Note - 13 November 2015 (13 Nov 2015)

Lots of good news and well dones for this week that show just how diverse our Department is, and also how many dedicated people are working hard to serve our customers. I am proud to lead such an innovative, forward thinking organisation.

A Friday Note - 6 November 2015 (06 Nov 2015)

Our State was hit by severe storms this week causing extensive flooding on many of our regional roads. I want to acknowledge the outstanding work of our various crews who worked in hazardous conditions in close collaboration with emergency services to make our roads safe.

A Friday Note - 30 October (30 Oct 2015)

Once again our bus contractors got behind Loud Shirt Day, which raises funds for the Cora Barclay Centre for deaf and hearing impaired children, by wearing their loudest shirts and raising over $3,000.

A Friday Note - 23 October (27 Oct 2015)

My post from last week about an initiative to use decommissioned buses to provide safe, clean shower facilities for homeless people has struck a chord. I’ve received a number of suggestions from colleagues who care deeply about this issue and are looking at solutions.

A Friday Note - 16 October (26 Oct 2015)

I think it is safe to say that summer has well and truly arrived here in Adelaide. Each season offers different opportunities to relax and enjoy time with friends and family, and summer especially provides ample opportunities for outdoor pursuits. Whether you are walking, cycling, driving or even boating this summer please follow the appropriate safety advice and above all, enjoy yourselves. Last week with Spiros Dimas and Gonz Uyttenhove, Minister Mullighan opened a major boat ramp facility for the lobster industry and the community. Mighty fine weather there too.

A Friday Note - 9 October (19 Oct 2015)

I think it is safe to say that summer has well and truly arrived here in Adelaide. Each season offers different opportunities to relax and enjoy time with friends and family, and summer especially provides ample opportunities for outdoor pursuits. Whether you are walking, cycling, driving or even boating this summer please follow the appropriate safety advice and above all, enjoy yourselves. Last week with Spiros Dimas and Gonz Uyttenhove, Minister Mullighan opened a major boat ramp facility for the lobster industry and the community. Mighty fine weather there too.

A Friday Note - 2 October 2015 (02 Oct 2015)

For the past week I have been in the Silicon Valley looking at innovation and digital ‘disruption’. Two big lessons – the driverless car concept is extraordinary, particularly in the traffic engineering smarts and secondly, the Internet of Things and its capacity to reform approaches to climate change and quality of life generally.

A Friday Note - 25 September 2015 (25 Sep 2015)

Looking after our public spaces and infrastructure is very important and lets people know that we care about providing and maintaining attractive, safe and useable spaces.

A Friday Note - 19 September 2015 (25 Sep 2015)

A fantastic start to the week with the announcement of $985 million to deliver the Northern Connector road as part of the 78 kilometre North-South Corridor.

A Friday Note - 11 September 2015 (11 Sep 2015)

Some terrific weather over the past few days, a great opportunity for a lunchtime walk to enjoy the very best of Adelaide.

Commissioner for Highways - 11 September 2015 (11 Sep 2015)

A Friday Note - 4 September 2015 (04 Sep 2015)

What a mixed bag we’ve had with the weather. Great days on Sunday and Monday, then back to cold and wet. In fact I think Monday in Adelaide was perfect.

A Friday Note - 28 August 2015 (28 Aug 2015)

It’s great to be back in Adelaide, and while we are starting to see some warmer days there have been record cases of Influenza this winter.

A Friday Note - 21 August 2015 (21 Aug 2015)

Spring is in the air, and the flashes of colour around the River Torrens can only mean one thing …the 2015 Corporate Cup!

A Friday Note - 14 August 2015 (18 Aug 2015)

Please drive carefully, switch your lights on and leave some extra distance between you and the car in front.  Visit to keep an eye on the Bureau of Meteorology's weather warnings.

A Friday Note - 7 August 2015 (07 Aug 2015)

The key focus of this week was jobs and what we as a Department can do to help stimulate the economy and create both short term and long term job opportunities for SA. I encourage you all to keep thinking of ways in which we can continue to play a role in this significant agenda.

A Friday Note - 31 July 2015 (31 Jul 2015)

It’s been an interesting week…  As usual there has been a lot on and I have enjoyed the challenge of Acting CE, in particular the opportunity to work more closely with other parts of the department outside of the Development Division. I am impressed by the diversity of our work, and the work ethic and responsiveness of our staff. I can’t wait to do it all again next week.

A Friday Note - 24 July 2015 (24 Jul 2015)

A huge week for South Australia. National and international leadership by the Government. Planning reform, road pricing reform, driverless cars and Operation Moving Traffic - Adelaide.

A Friday Note - 17 July 2015 (17 Jul 2015)

While we continue to work through industrial issues with the Rail, Tram and Bus Union, the department is implementing a new rostering system that will help ensure the well being of staff.

A Friday Note - 10 July 2015 (10 Jul 2015)

A cool weekend approaches. Could be a good opportunity to check out Channel Nine’s satirical comedy "PLONK" filmed in SA, supported by the South Australian Tourism Commission and featuring SA’s winemakers, personalities and business owners.

A Friday Note - 3 July 2015 (03 Jul 2015)

Tragic news this morning about the Crows coach Phil Walsh.

A Friday Note - 26 June 2015 (26 Jun 2015)

Radio National’s Off Track program recently featured our outback road teams. This week the show will interview Alan Morris from Operational Services about road safety in the outback. Please note, it’s a tough listen at times, but gives an insight into the trauma that can be caused on our roads, for the victims, but also for those who attend road accidents.

A Friday Note - 19 June 2015 (19 Jun 2015)

This week a number of tragic incidents occurred on our roads and rail lines. While the causes are being investigated, it is a reminder of the challenge we all face to improve safety.

A Friday Note - 12 June 2015 (12 Jun 2015)

Great weather this week. Get outside and enjoy yourself. One of my great interests is as a soccer referee. To be doing that in Paradise this weekend almost seems to good to be true. One of our staff played in my first SA game recently and I think I went okay. He didn't abuse me.

A Friday Note - 5 June 2015 (05 Jun 2015)

No need for a calendar to feel winter’s arrived. Just when you were thinking it was time to go for a run, jog, walk, bike ride - have a look at Jon Whelan’s effort: 87.7 km in 11 hours 37 minutes.

A Friday Note - 29 May 2015 (29 May 2015)

The chill of autumn is in the air. Great time to go and see a movie. For those who haven’t seen Donnie Darko, a cult film, it is worth a look. Not for the faint hearted.

A Friday Note - 22 May 2015 (22 May 2015)

Risk and Assurance has now convened on level 6, 77 Grenfell Street, and is the first group under the new structure to surge ahead. Lots of moves, a morning tea and a positive approach from everyone involved in a new manner of working together. Well done to all.

A Friday Note - 15 May 2015 (15 May 2015)

After a wet start, cool, crisp mornings have arrived. Invigorating.

A Friday Note - 8 May 2015 (08 May 2015)

Squalls this week and more rain on the way. Might be time to check out more of Adelaide’s indoor attractions.

A Friday note - 1 May 2015 (01 May 2015)

Some stunning sunsets this week. Autumn in Adelaide is wonderful.

A Friday note - 24 April 2015 (29 Apr 2015)

What stunning weather in Adelaide earlier this week – the perfect autumn – sunny, cool, leaves falling. Beautiful.

A Friday note - 17 April 2015 (17 Apr 2015)

Something for everyone with a mixed bag this week on the weather front.

A Friday Note - 10 April 2015 (10 Apr 2015)

Have you seen safety improvements we could make? 

A Friday Note - 2 April 2015 (02 Apr 2015)

With a long weekend upon us, it appears we are set for a few fine days on the weather front. 

A Friday note - 27 March 2015 (27 Mar 2015)

A reminder this week that summer is certainly over – cooler mornings and a tease of rain.

A Friday note - 20 March 2015 (20 Mar 2015)

Ideal weather around Adelaide; warm days, cool nights and we are set for similar conditions over the weekend – enjoy!

A Friday Note - 13 March 2015 (13 Mar 2015)

Clear skies, temperatures rising – perfect weather for being outdoors and celebrating the end of a short week.

A Friday Note - 6 March 2015 (06 Mar 2015)

A much milder week around Adelaide, but still fantastic weather for getting out and about and enjoying some of the many events happening this time of year around the state – and a long weekend, yippee!

A Friday Note - 27 February 2015 (27 Feb 2015)

It could be a bit muggy as we move towards the high-30s today and possible showers tomorrow.  If you’re heading to Clipsal or any of our Fringe festivities this weekend – enjoy, and do consider all your transport options.

A Friday note - 24 February 2015 (24 Feb 2015)

Cyclones and storms to the east and north and just glorious sunny days in South Australia.

A Friday note - 13 February 2015 (13 Feb 2015)

Adelaide weather has been fantastic.  Whether by foot, bicycle, bus, train, tram or car the journey to and from work is terrific.  Hotter days, cooler nights.

A Friday Note - 6 February 2015 (06 Feb 2015)

We are getting another glimpse of summer and just in time for the weekend.

A Friday note - 30 January 2015 (30 Jan 2015)

Still a little on the cool side for the middle of summer – no blizzard warnings though.

A Friday note - 23 January 2015 (23 Jan 2015)

The US is experiencing a deathly cold snap with significant snow fall and horrific road conditions as ice glazes most thoroughfares.

A Friday note - 16 January 2015 (16 Jan 2015)

Cooler weather after rain, quite pleasant and relief after the fires. Not quite the same for those up north with information from our road crews and the Outback Communities Authority about the impact of floods.

A Friday note - 9 January 2015 (09 Jan 2015)

Mother Nature seems to be giving it her all this week as we battle fires and possible flooding across the state.

Bushfire Major Emergency - 3 January 2015 (03 Jan 2015)

Activate your Bushfire Survival Plans and stay up to date on fire conditions and road closures via SAPOL, CFS and ABC radio.

A Friday Note - 19 December 2014 (19 Dec 2014)

It’s been a little on the cooler side, but it’s set to warm up as we head in to Christmas.

A Friday note - 12 December 2014 (12 Dec 2014)

We are definitely easing into summer, some fine days, some rain and it’s shaping up to be a fine weekend.

A Friday Note - 5 December 2014 (05 Dec 2014)

The weather has been hot and humid this week but not the storms as experienced in the Riverland and Sydney.

A Friday Note - 28 November 2014 (28 Nov 2014)

Again, we are in for a sensational weekend around Adelaide on the weather front.

A Friday note - 21 November 2014 (21 Nov 2014)

The weather is looking good for the weekend.

A Friday Note - 14 November 2014 (14 Nov 2014)

Each week I pen these notes across the department (and made available publicly) to encourage discussion and debate. The ‘weather note’ fires up people outside Adelaide, where conditions are often different...

A Friday note - 10 November 2014 (10 Nov 2014)

We are ending a cool, cloudy week with a warm day although we are set to see temperatures drop again tomorrow – could the weather be more inconsistent?

A Friday note - 31 October 2014 (31 Oct 2014)

We started the week with a brilliant lightning display, saw a few cold and wet days in between and finished with a fantastic 28 degrees.