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Special Notices

Thursday 21 November 2019 @ 3.29 PM


Public Access Route Information

You can travel over certain routes on pastoral leases without permission from the pastoral lease holder (lessee). These permitted routes are called 'public access routes' or PARs.

PARs are un-surfaced tracks intended to provide 4WD access through an area or to a location of significance. It is the responsibility of drivers to drive with caution and to the conditions, as conditions may vary widely. PARs are located on working pastoral properties (please do not disturb stock) and are situated in remote areas. In case of emergency, please ensure you are carrying adequate supplies and appropriate communication equipment for the area you are travelling in. To travel on all other tracks on a pastoral lease, prior permission must be obtained from the lessee. PARs are established under the Pastoral Land Management and Conservation Act 1989.

Contact the Pastoral Unit, PIRSA on 8429 0365 or or visit

Halligan Bay Track PAR into Lake Eyre - OPEN to 4WD vehicles, drive to track condition as entire track is fragile and will deteriorate with use. Driving on the lake surface is an offence and dangerous. Trailers and caravans are not recommended

Walkers Crossing PAR -  OPEN to 4WD vehicles. Drive to track conditions

Warburton Crossing -  CLOSED due to Stock Management activities 

Level Post Bay Track PAR -  OPEN to 4WD vehicles, drive to track condition as entire track is fragile and will deteriorate with use. Extreme caution at corrugations, crests and corners. Trailers and caravans are not recommended. No camping at Level Post Bay - camping available at Muloorina Campground.

Pedirka PAR -  OPEN to 4WD vehicles


Munga-Thirri - Simpson Desert reserves -   open to 4WD vehicles.   Please ensure 4WD is engaged and that you reduce tyre pressure while in the desert to minimize cutting up the tracks. Use extra caution  as sand dunes will be soft and may have blow outs from summer winds. Carry extra fuel reserves as up to 50% more fuel may be used than normal for a desert crossing. The use of trailers in the Simpson Desert is strongly discouraged. Caravans and motorhomes should not be used.Serious damage can be caused to vehicles and the environment.

Witjira National Park  -  OPEN to 4WD vehicles. Caution at chopped up sections.

For latest information on South Australian Desert Parks please call the Desert Parks Hotline (08) 8648 5328 or access the Desert Parks Bulletin at