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Special Notices

Friday 10 April 2020 @ 8.39 AM


Gidgealpa Access - Closed due to rain in the Moomba Area

Sturt Vale - Pine Valley - Caution Bulldust Holes

Pine Valley - Cane Grass - Caution Bulldust Holes

Barratta - Craddock - Caution Bulldust Holes

Mt Victor - Caution Bulldust Holes                   

Access to pastoral lease requires prior approval of the lessee. Do not enter a lease without prior permission.

Halligan Bay Track PAR into Lake Eyre - Open to 4WD, It is a bush track, not a road.  Drive with caution along the entire track as the landscape is fragile and the track will deteriorate with the number of vehicles using it.  Please drive to track conditions. Driving on the Lake surface is an offence and dangerous. Trailers and caravans are not recommended.

Level Post Bay Track PAROPEN to 4WD, Drive to track condition as entire track is fragile and will deteriorate with use. Extreme caution at corrugations, crests and corners. Trailers and caravans are not recommended. No camping at Level Post Bay - camping available at Muloorina Camp ground.

Walkers Crossing Public Access Route Closed until further notice

Warburton Crossing - Closed from 15 March 2020 until further notice

Pedirka PAR - OPEN to 4WD Vehicles

National Park Road Conditions

Munga-Thirri - Simpson Desert reserves  OPEN to 4WD PLEASE NOTE:  The Simpson Desert National Park in Queensland is closed from Poeppel’s Corner to Birdsville due to flooding in Eyre Creek. 

Witjira National Park - OPEN to 4WD vehicles. Caution at chopped up sections.

For latest information on South Australian Desert Parks please call the Desert Parks Hotline

(08) 8648 5328 or access the Desert Parks Bulletin at