Welcome to Way2Go

Way2Go is a statewide South Australian program promoting safer, greener and more active travel for primary school students and their communities. It uses a whole school approach built on a partnership between local councils, school communities and the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI).


  • encourages children and the community to safely walk, ride bikes or scooters, and use public transport for personal travel  
  • supports students to be safe walkers, bike riders and passengers
  • promotes the development of safe, people friendly local streets near schools to support independent personal travel  
  • Is creating change in school community travel modes through a problem solving approach based on current Travel Behaviour Change methodology
  • supports school road safety education practices that are embedded within the regular curriculum and reflect the nationally supported Principles for School Road Safety Education and the National Practices for Early Childhood Road Safety Education 
  • benefits the whole community.

Local councils partner with DPTI and school communities to identify, plan and implement people focused, safe and innovative improvements in local streets near schools to support active travel.

Creating change

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