Test yourself and be a safer driver

23 Feb 2015

A new road safety campaign encourages drivers to test their knowledge by doing the on-line Road Rules Quiz.


The Road Rules Quiz aims to re-educate drivers about some of our core road rules in a fun, informative and free way. It is supported with a series of videos and a Road Rules Refresher Guide.

The Quiz will be promoted on radio, newspapers, and social media and on the EzyReg online payment system, and Crash Test Dummies will be handing out flyers with a QR code to the quiz at Clipsal 500.

This is the second part of the Safer Driving Tips campaign that will run over the next 18 months. The campaign targets important road safety issues such as advice for buying a safe car, keeping children safe in the driveway, staying safe during a vehicle breakdown and sharing the road safely with heavy vehicles.

The Quiz is also available on the EzyReg online payment system and motorists are encouraged to have a go when they renew their licence or vehicle registration, in response to recommendations made by the Citizen’s Jury on Sharing the Road Safely.

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