Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims

19 Nov 2014

The Road Trauma Support Team of SA has held an event to observe World Remembrance Day for Road Traffic Victims.

Road Safety Minister Tony Piccolo said that today’s event was a poignant reminder that even one death on our roads is too many.

“The road toll is not just a number you hear at the end of a radio story or see at the end of a television story,” Mr Piccolo said. "“The statistics reflect the tragic loss of human life and the horrific injuries.

"There are many others who are affected beyond those who die or are injured. Family members and friends are also affected by the outcome of a road crash and we all have the responsibility to make a difference on our roads.”

The event is marked globally on the third Sunday of November each year.

The theme for this year is: ‘Speed kills – design out speeding’.

World Remembrance Day for Road Traffic Victims

Mr Piccolo said he fully endorsed the theme and that community sentiment towards speeding needed to change.

“I often receive correspondence from the public complaining that their expiation for speeding was unfair,” he said. "Speeding is unacceptable and indeed, speed is one of the major factors contributing to deaths and injury on our roads.

“The risk of involvement in a casualty crash approximately doubles with each 5km/h increase in travelling speed above 60km/h.”

The Road Trauma Support Team of South Australia is a not-for-profit organisation established in 2004 through the auspice of the Ella Wood Fairy Foundation. ELFF was established by Robyn-Lyn and David Wood in August 2000 after the death of their four year old daughter, Ella. In 1999, Ella was tragically killed in a motor vehicle collision in an Adelaide shopping centre car park.

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