New point to point speed cameras explained

08 Jul 2014

Four new point-to-point speed cameras will be operating on South Australia’s highways from Monday 14 July.

The cameras are located on two of the busiest highways in the state to slow speeding motorists down and reduce the road toll.

Two new cameras in both directions on the 13 kilometre stretch of Dukes Highway between Coonalpyn and Kiki and another two on the 51 kilometre stretch of Port Wakefield Road between Two Wells and Port Wakefield will become operational.

Between 2009 and 2013, 17 people died on the Dukes Highway and 12 people died on Port Wakefield Road.

Point-to-point cameras are positioned along a length a road and calculate a driver’s average speed between the two points.

If the average speed of the vehicle is in excess of the speed limit then the driver of the vehicle has committed a speeding offence.

Point-to-point cameras, like other fixed speed cameras monitor traffic 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The cameras will also be able to detect a vehicles actual speed at each camera location.

Research shows that there has been a 50 per cent reduction in fatal and serious crashes in locations where point-to-point cameras have been installed.

The cameras have been extensively tested and their locations are appropriately marked with both ‘safety camera ahead’ and ‘average speed camera zone’ signs.

More point-to-point cameras will soon be operational on Victor Harbor Road, Sturt Highway, South Eastern Freeway and the Northern Expressway.

In 2013, speed contributed to 26 per cent of fatal crashes on South Australian roads.

For further information on point-to-point speed cameras initiative visit the Average speed safety camera page.

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