Driveway safety

08 Feb 2013

'if you don't know, don't go'child accident prevention foundation of Australia

Drivers are being urged to be more vigilant about driveway safety, with an average one child run over in a driveway in Australia each week.

Road Safety Minister Michael O’Brien said all too often drivers forget just how vulnerable small children are around vehicles.

“Young children in particular move surprisingly quickly, have no idea of the danger and their size makes it difficult to see them,” he said.

“What makes these situations all the more difficult is that it’s often a parent, relative or family friend who is in the vehicle which leads to a devastating and lasting impact on the whole family.”

Kidsafe SA today launched a new driveway safety community service announcement featuring radio and television personality Ryan “Fitzy” Fitzgerald and his son Hewie.

Simple safety measures
Safety measures that can be taken to ensure the safety of children include:

  •     Always supervise children when a vehicle is being moved either forward or backwards by either holding them, or their hand.
  •     If you are the only adult at home and need to move a vehicle, place the children securely in the vehicle with you.
  •     Discourage children from using the driveway as a play area.
  •     Where possible, prevent children from entering the garage and driveway from the house – consider using self-closing doors, fencing and gates.
  •     Be aware of the vehicle’s blind zones and learn the best way to use the mirrors and any other reversing aids.

“While reversing cameras and other vehicle technologies can help drivers avoid collisions, there can never be a substitute for the close supervision of children when it comes to driveway safety,” Mr O’Brien said.

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>> more information on driveway safety

>> Information for parents and caregivers [PDF]

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