Inner Metro Growth Project

Adelaide needs to plan for its future growth. The 30-Year Plan for Greater Adelaide lays the foundations to guide this growth.

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A new range of housing options close to the city have been unlocked after the State Government released its Modern Living - Revitalising our Inner City initiative.

The rezoning of targeted key urban corridors around the city will contribute up to 7,500 new homes towards the government's Housing in the City policy, which plans for up to 18,500 new homes in inner Adelaide (roughly 1 km radius of the Park Lands).

The zoning changes will encourage construction along the urban corridors and provide more residential and commercial options close to the city.

Indicative growth in example areas:

Indicative growth:

Innergrowth DPAs Map Trimmed
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the Inner Metro Growth area.

Approved rezoning areas map
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approved rezoning areas.


To help guide future development in these locations, the State Government’s Inner Metro Rim Structure Plan has been released to further refine the directions set out in The 30-Year Plan for Greater Adelaide for this important area. It will be used by state government agencies and inner metropolitan councils in future planning processes. 

Approved DPAs

The Government, in collaboration with inner metropolitan councils proposed DPAs, has approved the inner metropolitan growth DPA. This follows extensive community consultation, which resulted in a number of key changes to the final policy.

Changes made to the Inner Metropolitan Growth DPAs as a result of the feedback include:

  • increasing on site car parking requirements and removal of incentives (that allowed reduced carparking and over height development in certain circumstances)
  • strengthening interface policy, to better manage impacts from new development in the Urban Corridor Zone on adjoining residential areas
  • increasing public notification of any new development that is three or more stories in height and is adjacent to a residential zone
  • changes to maximum building heights (refer to map of approved rezoning areas above).

Links to the approved DPAs:

The Minister’s Inner Metropolitan Growth Development Plan Amendment affecting sections of Greenhill and Fullarton roads opposite the Park Lands (in the Burnside Council area); and Prospect, Churchill and Main North roads (in the Prospect Council area).

The City of Unley Village Living & Desirable Neighbourhoods Development Plan Amendment, Main Road Corridor Mixed Use & Residential Vitalisation (Greenhill and Unley Roads) affecting sections of Greenhill Road opposite the Park Lands and Unley Road.

The City of West Torrens Housing Diversity Development Plan Amendment (Part 1 - Port Road Corridor) affected the section of Port Road opposite the Park Lands.

The City of Norwood, Payneham and St Peters Kent Town and The Parade Strategic Growth Development Plan Amendment affecting a section of The Parade (the shopping precinct) and Kent Town.

Planning Assessment Reforms

The rezonings are part of a package of planning reforms for the inner city suburbs that build on the success of reforms for the city.

The package includes:

  • assessment of planning applications for development of 5 storeys and over in the rezoned areas by a subcommittee of the Development Assessment Commission, which will include a representative from the relevant Council
  • an expanded role for the Government Architect, supported by the design review panel, to better respond to the community's need for high quality design in the rezoned areas where the Development Policy Advisory Committee is the planning authority
  • expansion of DPTI's Pre-lodgement Case Management Service to support these changes.

Click here to get more information and fact sheets about the Pre-Lodgement Case Management Service.

Stamp Duty Concessions

This planning package is complemented by the expansion of stamp duty concessions for apartments purchased off the plan and supports the government's Integrated Transport and Land Use Plan.