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The 30-Year Plan for Greater Adelaide

The State Government is currently reviewing The 30-Year Plan for Greater Adelaide (the Plan). The Plan is part of the South Australian Planning Strategy pursuant to the Development Act 1993.

The 30 year plan for greater Adelaide 
The 30-Year Plan for Greater Adelaide (2010)  [PDF 21.4MB]

What has changed?

Since the background research for The 30-Year Plan for Greater Adelaide in 2008/09 there have been significant shifts in the economic and social landscape impacting on how we plan and develop cities.

At the state level, South Australia's Strategic Plan was reviewed and updated in 2011 and the Premier released the 7 strategic priorities for the State. More recently in response to global and national economic transformation the State Government recognised the need to transform SA's economy through 10 economic priorities.

Released in 2014, the draft Integrated Transport and Land Use Plan and the Expert Panel on Planning Reform's final report (which provides commentary on the SA Planning Strategy) need to be incorporated, as well as changes that have arisen through implementation of the Plan, including structure planning and significant rezoning in the inner metro area, at the fringes in Playford and in townships including Two Wells and Mount Barker.

What does the update cover?

The vision is to continue the transformative process started by the Plan. The focus of future growth will be away from urban sprawl to protect our food growing areas and natural landscapes. At the same time we need to maintain our affordable cost of living, healthy neighbourhoods and provide opportunities for jobs growth and business investment.

The update will:

  • Focus on infill and renewal and jobs growth
  • Distribute revised population and dwelling targets
  • Update land and housing supply assumptions
  • Set locations and directions for "next generation" of infill and medium density housing (medium/long term)
  • Link to plans aimed at activating zoned employment lands
  • Pick up Council strategies/opportunities (where they align)