AFL themed numberplates are no longer available for purchase.

EzyPlates has a range of number plates to suit your style, personality and budget. Select the plate that suits you and make a name for yourself.

what does your car say about you 

Custom number plates
custom plate   toyyoda plate   surfn plate
From $200 per annum.
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Euro number plates
euro plate

$150 per annum.
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Numeric number plates
numeric plate
Limited release by auction.More information
Personalised number plates
cutie plate
$180 once off fee.
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Premium number plates
premium plate white on black premium

Black letters on white background $150
White letters on black background $220
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Corporate number plates
corporate plate     
From $190.More information
 Themed number plates
SM_Set_Clipsal  SM_Set_Zoo
 From $190 - includes Clipsal500 and Zoo plates

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R & S Series number plates
 r and s series
$76 once off fee.
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General-issue number plates
general issue
$22 replacement fee.More information
Motorcycle number plates
General issue motorcycle plate
Custom or personalised or general-issue.More information
Bike rack number plates
My Bike - SA cycle instead
SA cycle instead.
$22 once off fee.
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  All number plates and colours are representations only.