projects underway

BER work a real plus for Taipan Constructions Pty Ltd

Taipan Constructions Pty Ltd have been awarded two Primary Schools for the 21st Century projects.

At Two Wells Primary School all demolition is complete, underground services have been installed and building plateau earthworks have been finalised in preparation for footing construction and the slab work for a new hall and library.

As a result of being awarded this round two project, Taipan Constructions Pty Ltd have been able to purchase a yellow skid steer loader and employ an additional two staff, of which one is an apprentice builder who has been working specifically on site at Two Wells Primary School.

Taipan Construction Pty Ltd are also using local sub contractors and trades which they envisage will also work on their round three project at Basket Range Primary School.

“The round three project will enable us to capitalise on the systems which we have implemented to carry out our Two Wells Primary School project,” said Kyle Williams, Business Development Manager, Taipan Constructions Pty Ltd.

Levelling the site at Two Wells Primary School.