Completed BER Projects

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The Office of the Coordinator General has published statements detailing the breakdown of funds expended on each South Australian Government school project funded under the “Primary Schools for the 21st Century” and “Science and Language Centres for 21st Century Schools” components of the Building the Education Revolution (BER) program, as part of the Commonwealth Government Nation Building – Economic Stimulus Plan.

The delivery of the BER program in South Australia was characterized by the following:

  • Standard or ‘Reference’ design buildings have been provided wherever possible;
  • Each school project was undertaken on a ‘Design and Construct’ basis by builders prequalified through the DPTI prequalification system;
  • Purpose-design buildings (including refurbishment work) have been approved by the Commonwealth Government in specific circumstances, for example at schools where site constraints and heritage considerations were present or where adding to existing accommodation was not appropriate;
  • Wherever possible, local builders were allocated to school projects;
  • The program was procured through the DPTI Building Management division and the associated costs were met through a separate allocation of administrative funds provided by the Commonwealth Government to the State and Territory Governments for that purpose;
  • The total costs of standard documentation, site investigation, geotechnical reports etc have been aggregated and charged to schools on a percentage basis. That charge has been calculated at 1.75% where Reference design buildings were provided and 2.5% for Purpose design buildings.
  • Builders and their design teams have been required to work directly with the school to achieve the best possible outcome.
  • Unless otherwise agreed with the school, at least 99% of funds allocated to a school by the Commonwealth Government have been spent on works at that school. To deal with unavoidable additional costs at some schools due to location and siting issues, the balance (1%) contributed to a Program Contingency to cover such costs. Once all costs were determined, the remaining funds were distributed to the schools concerned.

Explanation of Terms used in the Completed Project Summary

Capital Funding
The amount of funding (exclusive of GST) allocated by the Commonwealth Government to the school.

A detailed description of the works and any notable or challenging aspects of the project.

Project 1/Project 2
The actual projects approved by the Commonwealth Government.

Above Ground Component
The cost of building work undertaken above the floor slab.

Slab and Below Component
The cost of the floor slab and works undertaken below ground level.

Broader Site Works
Works undertaken that were unique to the school site including necessary demolition, bulk excavation, connection to and upgrading of existing services, retaining walls, ramps, fire protection, paving, car parking and access roads.

Total Construction Costs
The total amount paid to the building contractor(s) for construction works undertaken.

Furniture, Fittings and Equipment (FF&E) The amount paid directly to the school for the purchase of FF&E associated with the construction works. This amount varies between schools depending on the nature of the facilities provided and the total makeup of expenditure at each school.

Project Establishment Costs Costs incurred by DPTI Building Management division prior to the commencement of construction for activities including site investigation, site reports, geo-technical studies, preliminary design, documentation of Reference Designs, cost planning services, project records management and project insurance. The total actual costs for these activities was determined and a charge of 1.75% for projects involving Reference Design buildings and 2.5% for Purpose Design buildings was made in order to simplify administration and ensure equity across the Program.

Additional FF&E Payment To Be Made To School Any unspent project funds remaining following the completion a school’s project, which was then returned to the school for additional FF&E.

Total Project Expenditure The total amount spent on this project.

Total Project Budget The total amount allocated for this project (exclusive of GST).

Amount from Program Contingency Where applicable, an amount up to 1% of a school’s Total Project Budget was transferred to a Program Contingency, which was drawn upon to allocate additional funds to certain schools to address unavoidable site specific issues.

























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