Information and Documents for Contractors


The department has developed a number of prequalification systems to ensure that contractors have the capacity and capability to effectively complete services and works. The following internet pages provide information on how to become prequalified, along with lists of prequalified contractors and consultants.

BUILDING MANAGEMENT Prequalification Systems


Building Management Contract Information

The following information is for non-residential building contractors:

Project, Tenders and Contracts
Building Management delivers major building (non-residential) construction projects in partnership with government agencies. Includes information on the tender program and on current tenders being called.

Asset and Contract Documents
Includes information, forms and templates for document registration along with SAMIS CAD drawing templates.

Document Library

Transport Contract and Tender Information

Request for Tender Documents (including DPTI Master Specification)
DPTI Conditions of Contract
Current Tenders and Awarded Contracts
National Infrastructure Construction Schedule
Principal Arranged Insurance
Work Health and Safety (WHS) in Contracts
Works on Roads by Other Organisations
Contractor Training - Environmental Management and Workzone Traffic Management
Subcontractor Policy
Guidelines and Miscellaneous

Technical Standards and Guidelines (Roads, Rail & Marine)

Access Technical Standards and Guidelines

CAD Support Files


Marine Facilities

Major Structures

Road and Traffic Management (includes DPTI Operational Instructions)


  • Drawing Presentation
  • Road Design Outputs
  • Road Lighting
  • Traffic Signals
  • Road Safety Barriers
  • Drainage
  • Earthworks & Pavements
  • Pedestrians and Cyclists
  • Islands; Medians; Over Taking Lanes; Bus Bays
  • Miscellaneous


Public Transport Technical Information

Access Public Transport Technical Information

Materials Technology

Access Materials Technology

Callibration Procedures
Test Procedures
Technical Notes
Process Control

Workplace Participation in Government Construction Procurement

Access Workplace Participation in Government Construction Procurement