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yourturn manual exampleYour Turn is designed for use by year 8 and 9 teachers and subject specialists working together to provide strong, relevant learning opportunities about decision making for safer, greener, more active travel.

Your Turn will be available at all South Australian schools with years 8 and 9 students. It has five units. Each unit includes several topics with teaching objectives, learning outcomes and activities for lesson planning. Column notes provide suggestions for resources, assessment strategies and extension activities. For effective use of Your Turn in your school, refer to the section titled Teaching Your Turn in the resource.

Linking in with South Australia's curriculum

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Supporting resources

The Highway 35 TV commercials were produced by year 9 and 10 students at Keith and Lucindale Area Schools in South Australia’s South East.

They are referred to in Your Turn as supporting resources for several teaching and learning activities.

Title : Straight roads Title : Overloading

Straight Roads

Message : Straight roads kill

Drop your guard and your dead


Message : This is a community announcement

The overloading of commercial utilities may result in performance standards that fall outside the manufacturer's specifications.


Linking in with South Australia's curriculum

The content of Your Turn aligns closely with several Learning Areas in the Middle Years Band of South Australia’s current curriculum.

Your Turn classroom strategies for safer, greener, more active travel incorporate an explicit focus on Curriculum Scope, principally through the Learning Area of Health and physical education in the South Australian Curriculum Standards and Accountability (SACSA) Framework.

The teaching and learning content encourages an integrated approach to planning and knowledge building, based on the principles of constructivism. It requires the implicit inclusion of skills development in information literacy and information and communication technologies (ICTs); and a cross-curricular emphasis on environmental sustainability and indigenous content.

Your Turn content is linked to Standard 4 - the Middle Years Band of the SACSA Framework, through the following curriculum Learning Areas.

South Australia’s current curriculum

Health and Physical Education
   Physical activity and participation Outcome : 4.2
   Personal and social development Outcomes : 4.3, 4.5
   Health of individuals and communities Outcomes : 4.6, 4.7
Society and Environment
   Time, continuity and change Outcomes : 4.1, 4.3
   Social systems Outcomes : 4.10, 4.11
   Strategies Outcomes : 4.9, 4.10, 4.11
Design and Technology
   Designing Outcomes : 4.2, 4.3, 4.4
   Making Outcome : 4.4
   Exploring, analysing and modelling data Outcomes : 4.1, 4.2
   Energy systems Outcomes : 4.3, 4.4


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Title : Texting


Message : "Hey, running late. In the car. C u in 10 min.. Gabbyxx"

"text n drive U wont survive"

Title : Fatigue


Message : "Drowsy drivers die"

Which marker has your name on it?
Fatigue kills

Title : Higher the risk

Higher the risk

Message : Higher the speed, Higher the RISK ... of Death

Title : Young males

Young males

Message : Look after yourself and your mates  
Drive safe

“77% of crash victims in the South East are locals”
“37% of casualties are aged between 16-24 years”
“71% of casualties are males”
“If you’re a male aged between 16 and 24 in the South East you’re more likely to be involved in a car accident”

Title : Young males + alcohol

Young males + alcohol

Message : bottle + car = cross marker

Title : Overloading + alcohol + distraction

Overloading + alcohol + distraction

Message : Overload and kill a mate...
and you'll never get to heaven's gate


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