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Friends of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital

Volunteer Car-poolers

In 2014, The Friends of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital were successful in obtaining a Community Grant to help resolve their issues of providing an alternative travel option for volunteers who are considering retiring from driving. It also aimed to encourage greater attendance by volunteers during bad weather and to save car parking spaces at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital (TQEH).

They established a carpooling project amongst their working volunteers and within the first few months have achieved the following:

  • 6 fewer cars used resulting in 678.4 less km’s travelled and a contribution to road safety.
  • 6 car spaces saved at TQEH per week.
  • 39 less reimbursed bus trips each week – a cost saving for TQEH.

Some of the volunteers involved also reported that carpooling helped them make stronger friendships within the Friends group which led to a few people completing extra shifts per week. A small group of volunteers have continued to carpool with each other.

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