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Working conditions

Working Conditions in the Department

Working in the department and in the wider public sector has many benefits for, such as:

  • success is measured against social, environmental and economic goals
  • diverse work opportunities and mobility across government departments
  • transparency in decision making
  • a high standard of ethics
  • the satisfaction of serving the public of South Australia

The department is committed to providing remuneration and employment conditions that attract, develop and retain the best employees and ensure workplace safety.  This is supported by a range of human resources policies and work arrangements, which include:

Annual leave and long service leave

Annual leave accrues at the rate of 20 working days per year and pro-rata for part-time employees.

Employees are eligible to take long service leave after 7 years service with the South Australian Public Sector.

Some service with other levels of government may also be recognised.

Sick leave

Sick leave accrues at the rate of 12 days per year and pro-rata for part-time employees and is cumulative.


Super SA administers a range of superannuation schemes for South Australian public sector employees. Members of these schemes have relatively low administrative fees in comparison to other funds.

Detailed information is available from Super SA at

Salary sacrifice (packaging)

Salary sacrificing is available to employees who can arrange their income as a mixture of salary and other benefits, and may result in a reduction in the amount of income tax payable.

Benefits available through salary sacrificing include additional superannuation contributions, home office or work related equipment, novated lease for a motor vehicle.  Note that employees are still required to pay any Fringe Benefits Tax liability for non-superannuable benefits.  Further information is available at

Flexible working arrangements

The department supports flexible working arrangements that allow employees of all levels to achieve a greater balance between their work and other responsibilities and interests.  Voluntary flexible working arrangements are recognised as an important aspect of an employee's conditions, and various family friendly arrangements are in place within the department. Some available arrangements include flexitime/accrued hours, working from home, part-time and job share, and purchased leave.

Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics for the South Australian Public Sector embodies and builds upon the principles of the Public Sector Act 2009 and seeks to advance the objects of the Act in the pursuit of good government in South Australia.

Occupational health safety and welfare

The department's activities are aligned with the 'Premier's Declaration for Safety and Wellbeing in the Public Sector '. The Premier’s vision for a safe workplace where every injury is preventable supports the objectives of South Australia’s Strategic Plan, building a community where it is safe to work, live, learn, and play.