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Across Government Facilities Management Arrangements (AGFMA)


The Across Government Facilities Management Arrangements are an integral part of the South Australian Government’s commitment to the maintenance, management and improvement of government building assets that underpin essential community services.

The arrangements enable the Government to identify the range of work that needs to be done, negotiate a fair price, manage risk, appropriately maintain public records and ensure that the work is completed to the required standards.

Independent reviews and assessments of the arrangements since their inception have supported that they are effective in achieving the key objectives of delivering quality, managing risk, and minimising costs for the whole of Government.

The Government has entered into a new FM arrangement (Facilities Management Services for Metropolitan Adelaide Region C & N and Facilities Management Services Framework Region S & Regional South Australia) under which full services commenced on 1 July 2015 and have the potential to continue until 30 June 2024. Under the new arrangement the FM Service Providers will provide agencies with a range of effective and cost efficient FM services.

Cabinet’s approval to enter into the new FM arrangements included the determination that all agencies participating as at 30 June 2015 are bound by the new arrangements.

Current Arrangements

Facilities management brochure (2015-2024)

Facilities Management Services Arrangements Agency Work Procedure Manual

Recently Updated Documents

AGFMA – Annual Inspection, Testing and Audit Plan Guidance Note

The purpose of this note is to provide guidance to the FM Provider and the Agency in regard to preparing the Annual Inspection, Testing and Audit Plan (Annual Plan), in particular in determining which Designated Locations and Nominated Assets are subject to a physical inspection as an input into the Annual Plan.

AGFMA In Scope / Out of Scope Building Maintenance Guide

The purpose of this paper is to provide guidance on what plant and equipment items should be maintained and/or repaired through the Facilities Management (FM) Services Arrangements - more commonly referred to the Across Government Facilities Management Arrangements (AGFMA).

Strategic Asset Management (SAM)

In addition to the AGFMA section’s contract management and administrative responsibilities for the across government spend of over $200m pa in building maintenance, property services and small construction, the AGFMA section provides an advisory service to across government agencies on asset planning systems and frameworks.

This section includes information on best practice asset management policy, strategy, frameworks and plans for use across government using industry practices. Over time, documentation in this section will reference contemporary practice standards such as the ISO 55000 Asset Management Suite of Standards.

AGFMA Information Systems

The AGFMA asset management information systems are the IT systems that support the flow of job requests, job data and capture information that help you in managing your assets. 

Although many IT systems exist, this section focuses on two client facing systems:

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Agency Client Services

The AGFMA section offers a range of services to support  your asset management needs.

The agency client services section addresses topic’s such as; What support services your Contract Managers provide, information on the AGFMA Hotline and how they can assist you with raising job requests and what quality assurance processes are in place to check service delivery compliance. In this section you can review the technical services that determine how plant, equipment and building fabric should be maintained for your site.

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With communication being paramount in any organisation, the AGFMA section is committed to providing our client agencies with the most up-to-date and relevant information. In the near future, this section will also be used for information of upcoming systems deployments and enhancements and minutes from key meetings such as the FAMIS User Group and SAMIS User Group papers.

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Online Forms

Our clients most used forms are listed here.

This section is to assist our clients in accessing commonly used forms. Whether you need access to our SAMIS, FAMIS and Cognos systems or advise us of Designated Location changes you will find the request forms here. You can also find our training request forms and the AGFMA Hotline job request form too.

Contact Us

Our contact us page provides you with useful contact details including our Business System Service Desk and AGFMA section employees. Attached to this link is our functional structure chart and includes a summary of the roles and responsibilities of team members.