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Through Way2Go Safe Routes, the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure and local councils work together to improve infrastructure and create safer school travel environments to encourage safer, greener and more active travel.
  • A Way2Go education consultant meets with council officers to describe the program and invite Council's commitment to it.
  • Council consults with elected members and makes a commitment to participate.
  • The Way2Go education consultant meets with Principals of all schools in the council area that have a primary enrolment, to describe the program and invite their participation.
  • When the council agrees to participate in Way2Go, site inspections identify works that are required.
  • Council develops a 3-5 year plan that focusses on improving travel routes to schools within the council area. These may include new treatments, improvements to existing footpaths or crossings and facilities that encourage walking and cycling.
  • Council officers work with schools to link Way2Go to local area facilities, active travel initiatives and community events.

In South Australia, there are 68 Councils created under the Local Government Act 1999, five outback Aboriginal communities and the Outback Areas Community Development Trust. They are represented by the Local Government Association of South Australia.

It is envisaged that over the next five years (2011-2015) all councils in South Australia will have the opportunity to participate in Way2Go.



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