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Benefits of Way2Go

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Way2Go for Schools


  • road safety skills and knowledge for students and their families
  • review of school travel routes and improvements where required
  • less vehicle congestion around schools.


  • opportunities for families to increase their daily physical activity by walking or cycling
  • awareness of the importance of health and well being of students and their families
  • links to council run programs and initiatives with a healthy lifestyles focus e.g. OPAL (Obesity Prevention and Lifestyle).


  • alternatives to private car travel for school journeys
  • improved air quality and less greenhouse gas emissions around schools
  • connections with other environmental school programs such as the Australian Sustainable Schools Initiative – AuSSI-SA. 

Way2Go for Councils and Communities

  • partnerships between the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure, local councils, schools and their communities to encourage safer, greener and more active travel
  • explicit links with councils’ strategic/transport plans and other programs e.g. OPAL (Obesity Prevention and Lifestyle), Get out and get active Sport and Recreation Program
  • engineering works mapped out to address the needs of schools and to improve road safety for the community.

Outcomes of Way2Go support several Objectives of South Australia's Strategic Plan.


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