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Introducing CARisma

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CARisma is a cross-curricula, issues based teaching and learning resource for Year 6 - 10 teachers and their students.

In exploring the status of the car in our society, students will learn about:

  • how the car has become such a focal point in our culture

  • the impact of the car on our culture and environment

  • active travel and alternative transport modes to the car.


Using the internet, multimedia resources and related literacies, the teaching and learning content of CARisma:

  • investigates the culture, role and impact of the car in our society and environment
  • explores the power of the media in shaping students' views of the car
  • researches the effects that greenhouse gas emissions produced by cars have on the environment
  • encourages students to research and understand the importance of choosing alternative modes for personal travel.


CARisma provides opportunities for students to:

  • gain significant understandings about our culture and the environment
  • identify and examine their personal values
  • understand how their choices impact on the community and their environment
  • increase their skills in internet, critical and traditional literacies.


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